Can you travel with CBD?

Yes you can travel with CBD, but…

The 2018 Farm Bill means you can now do interstate travel with CBD products. If you plan to fly with CBD, remember that the TSA has limits on how much liquid you can carry. 1oz CBD Oil bottles “should be ok” but 2oz might be pushing it. You might call the airline or TSA just to be safe. Better to call than show up with 10oz of CBD Oil and get stuck in security. You can also mail CBD products now so that’s always a viable option. If you have any doubts about flying or traveling with CBD, just ship it. Companies that comply with the 2018 Farm Bill can ship their hemp-derived CBD products anywhere in the US. So if someone asks “Can you travel with CBD”, you know the answer now.

How much CBD can I carry?

You should also consider how to pack your CBD, especially if you’re traveling with CBD oil. For example, if you are carrying CBD oil on the plane, be sure it’s a small enough quantity. We can’t stress this enough because the TSA can literally deny you access to the gate if they think you’re over the limit. That would suck to the nth degree as you would be forced to toss your CBD. That’s no different than tossing money in the trash.

Should I put CBD oil in a bag?

To be extra safe, you might also consider putting your CBD oils in a ziplock bag. If the bottle gets banged around, it could damage the dropper. That could cause the bottle to leak which could cause a real mess. It’s no fun trying to clean CBD oil out of your bag or whatever you’re carrying the CBD oil in. Always better to be safe than sorry. So plan ahead, be smart and bringing CBD on your next trip should be a breeze.

Wishing you happy travels and a save arrival with your CBD Oil intact.