CBD and drug testing?

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Lots of people worry about failing a drug test and rightfully so. Among other things, failing a drug test can cause you to lose your job. Read on to see if CBD can cause you to fail a drug test. There are lots of people who will say “there’s no THC in CBD so you’re safe”, but that’s not always the case. Read on to learn more.

Can I fail a drug test if I take CBD?

If you intend to take CBD and drug testing is important to you, this article should provide some clarity. Failing a drug test if you take CBD is certainly a real possibility. If your livelihood depends on the ability to pass a drug test, we suggest you look for alternatives to CBD or only use THC free CBD. You will not get “high” but there can always be trace amounts of THC present in CBD. Even “THC Free” or “Zero THC” CBD products can have trace amount of THC. In most cases, THC levels in CBD typically are at or below 0.03%. However, even THC free CBD has been found to contain 0.0000125% THC. While that’s a tiny amount of THC, it might be enough for you to fail a drug test. We certainly want you to feel great and experience the benefits of CBD, but not at the expense of your livelihood. Be smart, not sorry.

So what can I do if I want to take CBD anyway?

If you are determined to take CBD products and are subject to drug testing, we would suggest an Isolate or Broad Spectrum CBD. Isolate based CBD is CBD isolated from everything else. So the odds of you ingesting unwanted THC is very, very low. Far less in fact than what you could expect from a “whole plant extract” or “full spectrum” CBD product.

Should I ask my employer about using CBD?

Yes by all mean, don’t be reluctant to discuss CBD with your employer. Especially if you have any doubts about their policy towards CBD. It’s very possible the person you speak with might already be taking CBD themselves. Since CBD is now federally legal, chances are it will not be a problem. Remember that CBD is non psychoactive so you will not get high one bit.

In summary, whatever you decide to do, remember that it’s always best to check if your livelihood depends on passing a drug test.