For 30 days I took CBD for low back pain.

CBD for low back pain

Never having been a fan of pharmaceuticals, I was reluctant to take doctor prescribed meds for my persistent lower back pain. They made me either sleepy, grumpy or mentally numb. Instead I decided to try CBD for low back pain for 30 days and here’s what happened.

What I did before taking CBD oil.

Like many others, I’ve tried lots of obvious remedies to help. Bi-lateral lumbar cortisone injections, two or three times per year for seven years. Various pain pills like ibuprofen, Advil, etc.. acupuncture, spinal decompression, a TEN’s device (electric shock) and a revolving door of chiropractors. None of that stuff worked and sometimes made it worse. Only a few things helped like stretching, yoga and lots of walking. Also did some physical therapy which I had mixed results with. My big take away from physical therapy was “BLT” which is an acronym for Bending, Lifting, Twisting. My physical therapist told me that I can “do any one of those movements, but never two at the same time”. That made so much sense and has really helped. I’m now extremely mindful about how to safely use my body. From picking up groceries to putting on my clothes and everything in between.

What causes my low back pain?

I’ve been plagued with low back pain for years. Too much tennis, lifting with my back instead of my legs and improper posture didn’t help. I found myself having what I called “blowouts” with my lower back at least 3-4 times per year minimum. There was not pattern to what triggered them. It would happen getting out of the shower. Sometimes it happened because I turned to look at something over my shoulder. Or maybe for no reason at all. Unfortunately I never figured out what caused these blowouts.

What was my low back pain like?

“Blowouts” meant that I would feel an intense and deep pain that was shocking, but not overwhelming. The pain increased steadily as my back began to seize up, finally going into full spasms. It usually took several hours before I was incapacitated. Thankfully that gave me time to eat a bottle of Advil then physically and mentally prepare for the inevitable spasms. The best way I can describe the spasms is like getting stabbed in the back with an ice pick. The pain was so intense that I literally could not move and would start hyperventilating which I’m sure made it worse. I’d try to pull my knees up to my chest to stretch out my back muscles to make the spasms stop. These were probably the most unpleasant physical experiences of my life and it happened 3-4 times per year without fail.

How long did my low back pain last?

I’d always be down for at least a full day or two and by down.. I mean literally unable to get up, let alone sit up. Sometimes it was so bad that I couldn’t even adjust my body because if I moved my core, the spasms would start again. Usually after a couple days I was able to slowly and carefully get up and walk around the house with the help of crutches. This is not an exaggeration. I’m jogging, lifting weights and doing yoga one day. Then a few days later, I needed crutches just to stand up and walk to the bathroom. Normally after a week or so I was close to normal again. However after each episode, I was left afraid and wondering what I had done to trigger the blowout.

Why did I try CBD for low back pain?

A good friend of mine turned me onto CBD late 2018. He was into cross fit and had dealt with numerous injuries. He was visiting and at the time CBD was illegal in his state, so he wanted to buy some here. We visited a local store and he stocked up and it spiked my curiosity. What is CBD, does it really work, is it a fad, is there any science behind it, does CBD for low back pain work? I had all the same questions most people did before they decided to try CBD. So I made the commitment to use CBD everyday for 30 days and see what happened.

So what happened after 30 days?

Each morning before breakfast, I took (1) dropper full of 1000mg CBD oil sublingually. Also I was careful to let it sit under my tongue for at least 30 seconds. Since CBD is non psychoactive, I never felt anything even remotely similar to a buzz. Didn’t really feel much until about a week later when I realized my back pain was not as persistent. Each week that went by I felt a little better and my back pain seemed to fade away. After the full 30 days had passed, my back was feeling good and there were no side effects. The rest of my body felt better too, like my knees, joints, etc..

My final thoughts on CBD for low back pain.

CBD for low back pain might not be for everyone but as someone who has literally suffered through excruciating back pain, it worked for me. I started this 30 day test in Jan of 2019 and as of this writing (late 2019) I’ve not had a single blowout with my back this year. I’ll have an occasional flare up, but nothing even remotely close to what I had before. Any flare ups I have now are very infrequent, totally manageable and never turn into a debilitating blowout. So in a nutshell, CBD oil has worked especially well for me. Again, I know CBD is not for everyone but as someone who tried literally everything, CBD has been the best option for me. Even when I travel, I’ve always got a bottle with me.